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Why Do I Love Lisbon?

My love for Lisbon comes from birth.

Lived downtown Lisbon for twenty-one years, and no doubt it was the best time of my life. I was so happy.

My city was everything to me. My playground, my shopping mall, my food court, my cultural adviser, my indulgent sightseeing location and everything else you can think of. Getting “lost” in this city was one of my most favorite things. There are so many little streets that I still discover news one till this day.


Mouraria use to be home sweet home, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon. The birth place of Severa, a famous fado singer. And the birth of many fado singers and beautiful Portuguese people, just like me.

For the last 24 years I’ve lived in the suburbs, not by choice but because a family makes it expensive to live downtown. I’m longing for the day I’ll be able to “come back home”. There is not a single day I don’t daydream about it.

I was blessed to grow up in Lisbon. My “menina e moça” is an expression that comes from a fado song by Carlos do Carmo. A song that creates the illusion that Lisbon is a woman, a young woman and describes each part as a characteristic of the town in comparison to a woman’s features.

Lisbon brings me hope. It reminds me of God. When we have blue skies (and around here it’s pretty common) we fall in love every single time. She is delightful. She is appealing. She is a beautiful and welcoming “lady” to everyone who visits her, by sea, by air, by land.

I challenge you to get “lost” in her arms. You will get addicted. I’m warning you! Since I work in Entre Campos, this has been my area of adventure more often during the week and I can tell you I’ve found a few gems!

Come along with me… (to be continued)



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