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Belém: MAAT and a delicious treat.

I fell in love with a TV show my family and I watched together:

Larkrisen to Candlefor – This british series was my daily bliss. One of the characters was the Post Mistress at the local Post Office in Candleford, and she use to say “My one weakness…” – but she had many “one weakness”.

The same happens to me and Lisbon! There is so much I want to share it makes it hard to only share one thing, but let’s start with Belém.

This particular day was a national holiday (October 5th) so I decided to visit Lisbon’s most recent acquisition: the MAAT (Art, Architecture and Technology museum). Parked a little far away from the location to enjoy the walk. Gorgeous buildings covered in tiles is the staple. The Pedrouços area in Belem is a wonderful place to see that the old Lisbon is still kept alive.






The building where the MAAT Museum is located has various contemporary aspects and is in walking distance to the Electricity Museum, a structure made of brick from the time of the Industrial Revolution.


Since it was too early in the morning, the museum hadn’t had its inaugural opening yet. This lead me to treat myself to one of my “not many” weaknesses – the famous Pasteis de Belem, a type of cream pastry. Nothing better than a meia de leite and two pastelinhos (obviously two because eating just one is quite shameful… I think).


After that sugar rush, got in line ready for the new museum to open. The museum was free this particularly day. Lisbon offers many free attractions or discounts on holidays throughout the year to various museums or other attractions.

At last, after an hour and a half of exploring every corner of the MAAT I came out a bit disappointed. The building was beautiful, but they still didn’t have any exhibitions only a big empty space. I’ll be visiting some other time soon to see the changes because my favorite part of a museum is the inside.

Give MAAT a try! Another good museum is the National Coach Museum. The new location of this museum is not as good that last one, but you can still see various coaches used many years ago to transport royalty and nobility around.

Finished my little trip with a walk along the coast, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather!


Comment down below what you’d like me visit next or talk about. A new boutique? restaurant? My TOP 10 favorite style trends?




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