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Unique Cobblestone Streets

Have I told you lately that I love Lisboa!?

Today my homage goes to our cobblestone streets. It’s Lisbon’s own personal art. All cobblestone workers are required to have at least one to two years of training to be able to cut each stone perfectly, to make the designs, the molds, and to know the exact amount of sand or foundation that needs to be placed underneath. All together they make amazing designs, patterns, pictures and more that transform the Lisbon pavement.


When I lived downtown, I often saw men on one knee breaking and refurnishing the most common colored stone – blue and white, and these are found on our mountains.

Each time someone arrives in Lisbon by plane a bright light  immediately strikes them, which is a combination of a reflection of the Sun on Rio Tejo (Tagus river) and on the cobblestone streets. This makes our city unique. It is hard to find this light elsewhere!

Nowadays most City Halls are getting rid of cobblestone streets with the pretext that it is hard for people to circulate on them, so they are making these ugly cement lanes and destroying these amazing pavements.

The new Avenida da República reconstruction is proof of this disaster, but I’m enjoying it while I still live here and there are still some cobblestone streets left!  

Most of them are more complex, but some are a little on the plain side but ALL of them are such a delight. They offer Lisbon a unique street art.

Though I truly love them, I must confess – high heels and cobblestones are not the best combination but after living here all my life I can handle it like a pro!

Some of these pictures show the mind behind the design and Rua Augusta. The picture with that has the Arch with the clock tower is my most favorite – they pretend they were making Arraiolos Tapestry along the street. And they did. When you look at it from a top view that is exactly what it resembles. (first picture below)



I am in love with this city. I’m beyond privileged to live here. If want to know look at a few more pictures of cobblestone streets.

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