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Door to My Heart


“The doors of my girl leads us to the dream!”

Lisboa has various rich and diverse forms of art throughout the city, such as architecture, street art, cobblestone designs, etc.


Doors are one of them. I often spend time looking at doors and their different wood colors, metal, aluminium, iron or any other form of material. I get fascinated with their structure, the work behind each one. I daydream about people who live past them. The beauty of doors makes me think about the apartments, the people, the families, the cats and dogs that cross them, and the stories and memories they have. My imagination romanticizes it, by pretending  that couples madly in love have kissed in front of them. The colors make me happy. People often choose from a range between white and brown but sometimes I find a purple, a pink, a red one.

Seeing an old door coming back to life, changes my mood. It’s an indescribable joy to wonder what I could find behind each one, and that once they could have been the hiding place of a writer, a philosopher, or any other interesting human being. I am in love with Lisbon’s doors as much as I am in love with any of Lisbon’s features! I guess you’ve known this by now. Next week: MOURARIA.

“A beleza pode abrir portas mas a virtude é que entra.” provérbio Inglês



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