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Castelo: History, Kings and Castles

I was going to talk about Alfama but the thought of Castelo came along. What can one do when something that was conquered by the moors in 1147 stumbles upon you!? Just embrace it!

Castelo area was another one of my playgrounds. I used to love to go to Castelo and thought it was all mine; to look at the views – beautiful ones by the way – sit on a bench and study or just stroll around. It was a happy kid! Back in those days we had free entrance, but nowadays it’s 6 € to just get in. It’s hard for me to pay for something that used to be “mine”, and this is the reason why there are no particular pictures from the Castle itself. Maybe one day I’ll me more more frugal and indulge in a visit though the castle.

I love to walk around and on this day I went through the roman theater. What a delight! Again, if you want to see all of it you’ll have to pay 3€. Inexpensive, but I am still in denial!

Even thought you would agree with me that from most of the pictures it is worth your while. The Castelo neighborhood is losing is identity to all the growing hotels and hostels kicking the locals away and populating the area only with tourists. Why don’t the authorities ever learn? There should be a balance between locals and tourism to keep the authenticity of the place. These grounds have seen many changes. Lisbon has been surrounded by different walls that kept the people safe from the intruders and those walls were always built around the Castle perimeter.

Today I visited the D. Dinis wall, a medieval wall that was build in the late thirteenth century but unfortunately didn’t last long. However that was the same king, Rei D. Dinis, that in 1290 established the borders of my country exactly as it is today, making Portugal the European country with the oldest established borders till this day.

I hope you enjoy knowing a little about this neighborhood as much as I enjoyed the day!

Come and enjoy for yourselves.




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