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A few of my favorites

Lisbon is full of treasures, one of them is food and I love hunting down the best.

Many things have changed since I was a kid. At a young age my parents would give me money to go to a Padaria or Pastelaria to buy ice cream, pastries or sweets. All I had to do was go down the stairs to find my treasures. Fast forward some years and my Padaria is now a fast food place and the Pastelaria is closed. I had to start all over again. Now I have a new list of favorite places.


Just about two minutes from my job there is an amazing Pastelaria, called “Granfina”. They have the best merendas in the whole world. They have a lot of amazing goodies, my mother in law’s favorite is the folhado de carne.

Then if I walk the EUA avenue I get to “Fruta Almeidas”, where I used to go with my mom. It is soooo good! They have different fruit juices everyday, cakes, and savory treats like pastel de massa tenra – no doubt one of the best.

My favorite cake from “Fruta Almeidas”

If you walk down through Avenida de Roma you have the brand new “Padaria Portuguesa” what a treat. They make the best of everything, but their croissants are out of this world. Still, croissants do careca beet all croissants, but you would have to go to Belem just for that, and for Pastéis de Belém and Pastéis de Cerveja. Belem is worth going to.

at “Padaria Portuguesa”
Pasteis de Belém and a Meia de Leita

I love so many other things in Lisbon but I need to go little by little because there is a world of goodness to find out, and one thing is for certain – B.I.C.A.s go with any anything, or a meia de leite, or sumo de laranja, or leite com chocolate (Recommendation: ucal).

B.I.C.A.: Beba Isto Com Açucar – “drink this with sugar”

Life in Lisbon is good, not only the pastries are good, but coffees, lattes, juices, and many other different drinks are delicious. I’ll make another post to talk about “Confeitaria Nacional”, my coelhinhos, chocolate and caramel squares, and the list just keeps adding up.

At Benard, you can enjoy best chocolate croissants in town. “Galeto” is for ice cream late at night, and “Conchanata” for ice cream on summer nights. There is so much to discover and so many secret delicious treats.

Waiting for a Ginginha

This post would not be complete without talking about two of my favorites, castanhas assadas and giginha (a liquor made of ginga – a type of cherry). There is nothing better on a winter day, castanhas assadas and giginha. Warms me up and nourishes my soul.

How happy are the “alfacinhas” of this world?!